Booking Terms and Conditions

The following Conditions shall apply to any Client and any Booking in respect of Sosa Garden Villa

  1. All booking requests should be made in writing by email and will be responded to in the same way.
  2. The total number of persons to occupy the premises shall be detailed on the Booking Form showing the number of adults AND the number of children (18 years and over shall be detailed as adults) and these persons shall be herein referred to as the Client and his Party.
  3. Deposit  (20% rental due upfront)
    The Deposit, being 20% OF full rental must be paid upon submission of the
    Booking Form. Once payment has been received the booking will be regarded as
    Confirmed. A copy of the bank deposit slip, as proof of payment of the deposit must accompany the booking form.
  4. Balance of the rental is payable 30 days prior to arrival.
    A copy of the bank deposit slip as proof of payment is required.
    The Breakage Deposit of R3000 is to be paid before arrival
  5. Failure to meet payment deadlines of Item 2 or 3 above may result in your booking being cancelled
  6. No pets are allowed at the accommodation.
    NO SMOKING – Smoking is not permitted inside the accommodation.
  7. The accommodation is for the Client and those persons detailed on the Booking Form (herein referred to as the Party of the Client) and no other persons or visitors are permitted to stay over at the accommodation.
  8. Neither the Owner nor the Agent of the Accommodation shall be held responsible for any breakage, loss or damage to belongings and / or property of the Client and / or any of his Party and further, neither the owner nor the Agent of the Accommodation shall be held responsible for any injury to and / or accident sustained by the Client or any of his Party at / in the Accommodation whatsoever.
  9. No reduction or refund shall be made to the Client against late arrival or early departure, nor for any other reason whatsoever which may cause the Client to shorten or cancel the period of his booking at the Accommodation.
  10. Should an Inventory of furnishings and equipment be made available to the Client he shall undertake to check the Inventory upon arrival.  The Client is to report any discrepancy between the Inventory and what he finds at the Accommodation within 24 hours of taking up occupancy.  The absence of such a report will be taken as the Client’s acceptance that the Inventory is correct and all items are in order.
  11. The Agent must be notified by the Client of his arrival at the Accommodation so that suitable arrangements can be made to hand over keys and familiarize the Client with the Accommodation.  No arrival after 20.00 hrs can be accommodated unless this has been mutually agreed in advance.
  12. Breakage Deposit Refund:
    1. Departure is to be by 10 am on the specified day of departure.  An arrangement must be made at least 24 hours prior by the Client with the Owner or Agent to establish a time to meet at the Accommodation for the purpose of checking out, assessing any damage, loss etc., collection of keys and to make arrangements for refunding the Breakage Deposit, if appropriate.
    2. Failure by the Client to arrange a suitable meeting with the Owner or Agent will result in an Inventory check being made in the absence of the Client and refund of Breakage Deposit being calculated appropriately.
    3. Should the Owner or Agent then make deductions against the Client’s Breakage Deposit as deemed fair and necessary, the Client shall have no dispute.
  13. Insurance
    Sosa Garden Villa does have third party liability insurance in the event of an accident within the property,    however, it is a condition of booking that the Client and Party have comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover themselves for the duration of their trip.  This insurance should include cover in respect of, but not limited to, the following eventualities:

    • cancellation and curtailment
    • emergency evacuation expenses
    • medical expenses
    • repatriation expenses
    • damage / theft / loss of personal baggage, money and goods
  14. Whilst it is appreciated that the Client is holidaying at the Accommodation it is expected that the bathrooms and kitchen areas are kept hygienically clean and tidy.
  15. The Client acknowledges that the cell phone on the property is for emergencies only and in the case of consistent use, a charge will be deducted from his / her breakage deposit.
  16. The Client acknowledges that should he require Domestic Help for the duration of the booking then this requirement must be booked & paid for (where necessary) in advance.
  17. The Client acknowledges that any property items supplied in the Accommodation are not to be taken away for use outside of the home and, therefore, may not be taken off the property.
  18. The Client acknowledges that children are not to occupy the swimming pool unless accompanied by an adult.

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